Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Where we're coming from; where we're going.

This semester has already been quite a journey, and as far as I can tell will only continue. As I've gotten busier, this blog has started to languish. I have every intention of getting back to it, but for now, expect to see a transition over the next month or so as I attempt to turn the blog into my portfolio. Chances are quite good that most of the post content you'll see will be my writings from other places: I write for InfoSpace, and am both writer and co-managing-editor for Hack Library School, and over the next few months will be trying to gather most of my work from those sites here.

I'll also be adding content to the other pages on the site. One of my ongoing projects this semester has me thinking a great deal about portfolios, and a personal take-away has been the importance of presenting my work to the outside world. At least until I'm gainfully employed, and probably beyond, I want to share my work publicly, and this is one of the best forums for me to do so.

So it will be interesting. I'll be working hard on it--stop by and check out the new info!

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