Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Barb Stripling for ALA President!

It's mid-April, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one in the #libraryschool world with piles of homework, final projects, and all of the little things that come with life outside of school. Still, this post needed to be written.

Along with all of the end-of-semester tasks, it's also time for the ALA elections. As a student member of ALA, I have the same right to determine the leadership of the organization that claims to represent my interests as any other member.

I intend to use it.

I'm voting for Barb Stripling. For the full-disclosure portion of our evening, it's important to note that I am a student at Syracuse University, and Dr. Stripling is on the faculty here.

Announcing my vote, though a nice touch of narcissism, isn't the purpose of this post. Explaining my logic, however, may help others with the same decision.

I'm voting for the person who makes a deliberate effort to reach out to library school students. Barb Stripling has done everything possible to be approachable, both here in Syracuse and around the country. I've watched her prepare for webconferences with ALA Student Chapters throughout the US, and I've seen her enthusiasm for student opinions. Barb genuinely cares about libraries, but she also cares about librarians, and as a future librarian I want her leading the charge to revitalize our libraries.

I'm voting for the librarian who is directly involved in Library & Information Science education. Barb stripling is actively engaged in the practice of teaching--more than that, she loves it. Her passion for educating us, the next generation of librarians, is obvious. Barb is infinitely patient, and I know I will become a better librarian on her watch. Her drive for teaching is also reflected in her commitment to conversations. As one of her students, I truly feel that Barb listens to me, that she considers my views, and that she can help me refine my thinking on the tough issues. I believe that ALA is most effective when ALA members can guide the organization, and so I want my president to listen to me, my fellow students, and all of our colleagues in the field.

I voted for Barb Stripling because she is the candidate who follows the style of librarianship I want to practice. She cares deeply about the conversations happening in libraries and out of them, and can lead ALA into the next generation of librarianship. As a future librarian, I know that with Barb at the helm, libraries will be places I want to work.

Library students, the decision is yours. Join me in voting Stripling for ALA President!