Thursday, August 2, 2012


Somehow, I've ended up in Florence!

Well, it wasn't exactly a surprise, I suppose--I was fortunate enough to be selected for the iSchool's study-abroad pilot program. There are six of us here; myself, four other iSchool students, and our professor, Dr. Sarah Webb, who is teaching a modified version of her International Librarianship class and helping us parse the experiences we're having in the field.

I've been here almost a week, and have a number of blog posts in the works, most focusing on a theme of "Place." Of the libraries I've seen so far, there are some interesting implications of space, certainly, but I'm also very interested in exploring international librarianship through the perspective of location. My background in Renaissance music history is rearing its head once again, as I'm surrounded by the names, the art, and the culture of Florence.

We get a bit of free time this weekend, which is likely to be when I'll blog the trip. We've been going full-steam-ahead, and that also means that we've not had much time to process our thoughts. Personally, I enjoy being busy, but there are some things (including blogging) that find themselves lower on the list of priorities--especially when there's gelato involved. Stay tuned!

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