Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aaaand we're back!

Well now. I'm back in Syracuse, two-thirds done with my first week of classes at the iSchool. I know things will be busy, but I've every intention of keeping on with the blogging. Here's your roster:

I'm taking three classes: Database Administration Concepts & Database Management; Information Design; and Planning, Marketing, & Assessing Library Activities. They're all going to be a stretch, for various reasons (I don't have the tech background for DB-Admin/Mgmt; PMA is project-based, which is fairly new for me within non-science courses; and Info Design is going to be a mental stretch in awesome ways, I can already tell).

My writing will be appearing in four places. Here, of course, but also on the class blog for Information Design, on a weekly basis. Less often, but still on a regular schedule, look for my writing on Information Space, the official blog of the School of Information Studies here at Syr. Finally, I've just joined the team over at Hack Library School, an opportunity for which I'm incredibly excited.

Apparently, I'm starting to be real on the internet as well as in person. Last semester, I was one among a number of current iSchool LIS students who took part in interviews to show what New Librarians are doing. If you're curious, check us out!

Posts here, this semester, will mostly be personal reflections, notes on classes, commentary on pedagogy, and anything else that doesn't quite fit with other places. It'll be a journey--come with me! As always, you can also follow me on Twitter @HieAnon.

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